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The Aleppo Project is an open collaboration among people from all walks of life who are thinking about the future of a city torn apart by war. In the midst of conflict, as barrel bombs fall on Aleppo, it may seem premature to talk about reconstruction but the earlier thinking about the process starts, the more successful it is likely to be. Our aim is to gather as much as we can about the past of the city, document the horrors that have befallen it and think about what sort of future might lie ahead.

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The Aleppo Project is mapping the city. Contribute to a map of your neighborhood in Aleppo. Or help us map the changes to the city.

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The Aleppo Project has surveyed more than 1,200 people from Aleppo and we’d like to know the views of more residents and refugees.

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How have other cities rebuilt? What are the problems Aleppo will face after the conflict ends? What lessons can be learnt?

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Aleppians and others share their views on the city. We would like to hear from you and welcome contributions to our blog.

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This timeline tracks the armed conflict in Aleppo. It also includes information on the humanitarian situation and damage caused to the city.
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If you are from Aleppo please take our survey. If you are a Syrian professional working in construction, planning, architecture or engineering, please take our specialised professional survey. All results remain confidential.
We welcome papers on all aspects of Aleppo. We want to know about the history, planning, development, culture and life in the city. Contribute an article.

If you are from Aleppo please add to our knowledge of the city by filling in a map of your district. We want to know what was important to you. It might be historic buildings, religious sites, social centers or cafes and restaurants. We want to map Aleppo as the people in the city knew it.

We also welcome contributions to our blog. Contribute to our series “100 Aspects of Aleppo”, which explores all aspects of life in the city. We want to capture some of the textures of life there before the conflict and now.



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