AlHakam Shaar

Before becoming a Fellow for The Aleppo Project at the Centre for Conflict, Negotiation, and Recovery (CCNR), AlHakam Shaar was a lecturer in Academic English at Isik University in Istanbul, where he lived for three years. Prior to moving to Turkey, he closely witnessed the Syrian peaceful protest movement as it spiralled into a war that has claimed over 300,000 lives, displaced half the population, and devastated many cities, including his home city of Aleppo.

AlHakam’s interest in The Aleppo Project stems from his attachment to the city and its architectural and intangible cultural heritage. As a child, he assisted his family in the intricate process of renovating a traditional house in Old Aleppo where they moved, and he became an active member of the Aleppo Citadel Friends Society and the al-Adiyat Archaeological Society, with whom he worked on projects that included the Digitizing of the Comparative Encyclopedia of Aleppo.

AlHakam holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA TESOL from the University of Aleppo.

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