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Airstrikes destroyed place where 10,000 food baskets were stored


by The Aleppo Project on July 28, 2016


Following months long battles over al-Mallah Farms in northwestern Aleppo, regime forces have descended onto the Castello Road and cut off the only supply route for eastern Aleppo. Now an estimated 300,000 Aleppians join another 1 million Syrians living under complete siege. Meanwhile the bombing that never stopped for a few years intensified.

“Al-Assad forces and Russian airplanes are trying to control this road to besiege Aleppo … Those civilians are in danger of a lack of food, medicine and everything. And all the world is silent towards these things. These crimes.” Make-shift Aleppo University lecturer AbdulKafi Alhamdo spoke to ITV about the siege.

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The Aleppo ProjectTHE ALEPPO WEEKLY – JULY 13 – 28
Castello Road. Late June 2016. Photo: Dr. Zaher Sahloul/LA Times

Aleppo Under Siege

by The Aleppo Project on July 19, 2016

We now know the pattern of besiegement in Syria and so we know what is to come in Aleppo. Government forces surround an area of a city and cut off all food and supplies. The population weakens and thins, the elderly dying first and then next the children, often from water-borne diseases. The United Nations stands by, failing again in its humanitarian obligations through its obsequiousness to a government whose crimes long ago stripped it of any legitimacy. The West and Russia can drop bombs but not food. Support cannot go to those who might be able to break the siege because of their ideology; instead it just sloshes into a corrupt morass outside the country. Statements are issued and ignored. 2139. 2165. 2191. 2254. 2258. These are the numbers of the United Nations Security Council resolutions that are brushed off by Assad.

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The Aleppo ProjectAleppo Under Siege
Leen Darwish developed an Arabic-language coding app. Photo: UNFPA Syria/Ghassan Ahmad.

The Aleppo Weekly- June 28-July 5

by The Aleppo Project on July 7, 2016

“Big businesses are closing and the problems we are facing only young people can solve…The need for startups and entrepreneurship culture is really essential for Syria.” Leen Darwish. Read about her coding app Remmaz here.

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The Aleppo ProjectThe Aleppo Weekly- June 28-July 5

Dar Janbolad – Aleppo’s Finest Palace

by Tiffany Ftaimi on July 6, 2016

When I lived in Syria, I hadn’t even heard about the Janbolad (Junblatt) Palace until 2011, my third year as an archaeology student. I was very surprised that a palace like this existed in my city. I did not expect its beauty, because just a few people even knew the palace’s name and location.

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Tiffany FtaimiDar Janbolad – Aleppo’s Finest Palace