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Aleppian family in Germany gather for lunch: kibbeh. Credit: the Aleppo Project Credit: the Aleppo Project

Safeguarding Memory: Aleppian Cuisine

by Michael Shamah on September 1, 2017

Aleppo has been known for centuries for its food. Like many gastronomic centers, the city was blessed with a set of circumstances: a location on key trading routes, a diverse population, a prosperous middle class, and a place amidst the most fertile farms in Syria.1 This created a diverse cuisine that blended elements from its various ethnic and religious groups. Unfortunately, war has put all of this at risk. Much agricultural land is cut off, restaurants are closed, food is in short supply, and destruction has nearly halted food production. With many of its people scattered around the world, there is a risk of the loss of knowledge and skills. Not only is there a need to preserve food ways, but Aleppian cuisine is an important aspect of identity that once bound people together and might do so again.

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Michael Shamah Safeguarding Memory: Aleppian Cuisine