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“I Applied One of the Children’s Projects in My Senior Year” — Omar AlJaloud on Architecture Classes for Syrian Children in Turkey

by The Aleppo Project on June 21, 2017

Courtesy of Omar AlJaloud

In 2015, The Aleppo Project interviewed Omar AlJaloud, who was part of a volunteer group providing Syrian children in Turkey with educational training that would provide them with novel tools of expression and expose them to different perspectives. Since this group of volunteers specializes in Architecture, they wanted to conduct their training in a simplified way to the children in order to get their perspective on the future of Syria after the war. The students were Syrians from different backgrounds in Mersin. For five months, the class met weekly to learn the basics of architecture, design and drawing. By the end of these sessions, children were required to submit designs of their own imagined buildings.

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The Aleppo Project“I Applied One of the Children’s Projects in My Senior Year” — Omar AlJaloud on Architecture Classes for Syrian Children in Turkey

The Public Park of Aleppo

by Kinda Al-Shaekh Ali on June 13, 2017


  • “Kandoush, where you at? We’re at the public park—come on, join us.”
  • “Coming soon but first I’ll pass by my place to change. I’m wearing a mini skirt and it’s not appropriate for the public park.”
  • “You don’t need to change. We are sitting close to the gate near the train station.”
  • “OK. On my way then.”

This is Aleppo… This is the public park….

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Kinda Al-Shaekh AliThe Public Park of Aleppo
AlHakam Shaar © Pakhuis de Zwijger

Re-think Aleppo | The city always wins

by The Aleppo Project on June 9, 2017

With the participation of The Aleppo Project, Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam held a series of events that brought together Syrian and European researchers and city lovers in discussion about the future of the devastated city of Aleppo. Aleppo Project fellow AlHakam Shaar took part in the keynote panel and co-organized a workshop on identity, ownership and agency in defining and re-visiting cultural heritage.

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The Aleppo ProjectRe-think Aleppo | The city always wins
Joseph Eid/Getty Images

Reconstructing the Shadow System

by The Aleppo Project on June 6, 2017

With a reference to the Aleppo Project’s survey on the possibilities of reconstructing the city and restoring private ownership, Edwar Hanna poses different questions on the mechanisms of reconstructing Aleppo. In an article published in AlNabad.net, he stresses the need to have an interactive and inclusive approach that guarantees social justice and equality for all.

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The Aleppo ProjectReconstructing the Shadow System