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Photo by Gabriella Csoszó

The Aleppo Scrolls – A Testimony of a Bloodied City

by AlHakam Shaar and Michele MacMillan on March 6, 2017

As Syria bleeds and its wounds multiply, governments across the world turn their eyes away. In Hungary, the Fidesz government invested 50 million euros of public funds in a campaign for a referendum to challenge the resettlement of 1,500 refugees agreed on the EU level. The government couldn’t convince enough of the electorate to vote on the referendum. The campaign failed.

Two days before the referendum, a wide alliance of civil society groups and individuals organized a rally against the campaign in front of the parliament. Among them were Peter Horgas and more than 30 other Hungarian artists[1]. They presented their artwork Aleppo Testimony in recognition of the suffering of Syrian war victims and in support of the refugees looking for a safer life.

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AlHakam Shaar and Michele MacMillanThe Aleppo Scrolls – A Testimony of a Bloodied City