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Easy Like Friday Morning

by Armenak Tokmajyan on January 27, 2016


For most people in a Muslim-majority country like Syria, Friday is a day of rest. Shops and cafes mostly close until the afternoon when Friday prayers are over and then business builds only slowly towards the evening rush. For many young Aleppians, it was meant to be a lazy morning. For me, an Armenian, I had to wake up early to go to school. But Friday mornings will always make me think of three things: a breakfast of the best ful in the world, delicious Syrian sweets – Shuebiyat or Zlebyeh — and drinking coffee by Aleppo’s citadel.

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Armenak TokmajyanEasy Like Friday Morning
Haj Abdo alFawwal by Angélique Sanossian

Friday’s Fool

by Yahya Al-Abdullah on November 13, 2015

Before the conflict in Syria, on any busy street in Aleppo on a Friday morning you would see a long queue in front of one small shop. Everyone in the line, including children, would be carrying a big bowl and would be waiting to take home fool, the traditional breakfast of choice for the people of Aleppo.

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Yahya Al-AbdullahFriday’s Fool