Recent photo of the Clock Tower

The Aleppo Weekly – May 17 – 30

by The Aleppo Project on May 31, 2016

A recent anonymous author’s photo (weekly featured image) of Aleppo’s Clock Tower has been circulating in Syrian social media. The structure, one of Aleppo’s main sites, has endured some damage, especially to the clock part of the tower. Access to the area is restricted as it became at the frontline on the regime controlled side.


Qabas educational organisation in Aleppo takes its students in a “historical tour” around the Old City. They visited, among other sites, Bimaristan an-Nouri – a 12th Century mental institution where patients used to be treated with means that included the sound of water fountains.


World Bank report: Aleppo is the worst hit Syrian city, with housing and energy the most badly affected sectors.


A video from an anonymous French source of Aleppo’s most famous fawwal, or ful cook, Abu Abdo, shows rare footage of the lively interaction between the customers and the renowned fawwal.


Radio Hara FM publishes videos from Old Aleppo in 360 degree imaging


Aleppian programmer invited to participate in the Google I/O 2016 conference in the US was rejected visa, creating sympathy and discontent in Syrian social media. Here’s about his company’s most popular app, Gherbtna (Our Expatriation).


ASOR launches its Cultural Heritage Monitor app for phones and PC. It allows people to report on status quo of sites as well as violations, such as artefact theft.

The Aleppo ProjectThe Aleppo Weekly – May 17 – 30