Clearing Rubble

by The Aleppo Project on September 22, 2015

The Aleppo Project is developing a plan of action for rubble clearance  for when peace returns to the city and reconstruction can begin. Part of this is the development of a system to map destruction and assess the volume of material that will likely have to be removed.

We need your help:

  • What has been used to make apartment buildings in Aleppo in the past 50 years? To what extent has asbestos or any other mineral fibre been used in construction? What hazards might exist in the rubble?
  • How much rubble is there in Aleppo? What sort of volumes of building materials were used in the construction of new buildings? How much concrete was used in informal settlement construction?
  • How effective was the city government and the sanitation department in removing garbage and construction waste before the war?
  • Where was garbage dumped and what sort of life-span did landfills used by the city have?
  • Under current Syrian law, who is responsible for rubble clearance from privately owned property?
  • Where do you think rubble should be taken? What would be the most suitable locations for sorting and recycling? What would be the best locations for landfill?
  • Where did Aleppo get building materials such as sand and rubble from before the conflict? How expensive were these materials? Will it be more economical to recycle concrete rubble rather than using newly mined building materials?


The Aleppo ProjectClearing Rubble