Electricity 'Operations Room' in rebel-held Aleppo. Photo: Karam al-Masri, CNN

Aleppo Weekly February 8-14

by The Aleppo Project on February 15, 2016

The State of the Conflict

Heavy Russian and government airstrikes in the city and northern countryside, a Kurdish advance towards Tal Rifaat, countryside advances by government and allied forces and opposition shelling of western Aleppo killed, injured, and displaced numerous civilians. These attacks also damaged infrastructure, including the thermal station east of Aleppo that generates electricity for the city and an MSF-sponsored hospital in Azaz. Few Aleppians and Syria watchers believe a newly announced cessation of hostilities would take hold and stop the airstrikes, killing and destruction.

Photo: Halab News Network

Photo: Halab News Network

Residents in opposition-controlled Aleppo called on groups to unite to halt the government’s advance.“The fate of rebels in Aleppo will be the same [regardless of their affiliation]: either fighting till the death in defense of their land and civilians, or successfully breaking the siege in the province,” citizen journalist Mundhir al-Halabi told Syria Direct.

Shaar District. Photo: Karam al-Masri, CNN

Shaar District. Photo: Karam al-Masri, CNN

CNN’s profile of Aleppo journalist Karam al-Masri, “Syria: In Aleppo, one man’s story of fear, defiance and survival.” Click here to read our 2015 interview with Al-Masri.

Rami Jarrah explains to the BBC why parents in Aleppo no longer hold their children’s hands.



Al-Marja District, eastern Aleppo. Photo: Karam al-Masri, CNN

Al-Marja District, eastern Aleppo. Photo: Karam al Masri, CNN

The Staggering Price of Reconstruction. “Five years of war in Syria have left large swathes of the country in ruin. And with the peace process on the brink of collapse, an end to the war is nowhere in sight. But with a reconstruction bill that is likely to run well over $100 billion, planning for Syria’s eventual rebuilding must start now,” Perry Cammack, Syria Deeply.


Matterbetter launched the Syria: Post War Housing Competition


Project Amal ou Salam (hope and peace) opened Beit Amal ou Salam children’s centre.

The Aleppo ProjectAleppo Weekly February 8-14