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Syria DGAM/Aleppo Project
Aleppo Citadel. February 2016. Photo: DGAM.

The Aleppo Weekly, April 12-17

by The Aleppo Project on April 18, 2016

Ordinary Syrian people are going to extraordinary lengths, risking everything to protect their heritage, despite the horror that has engulfed their country. For them, it is not a question of people or stones. The story of the people is embedded in those stones, a crafted story stretching back millennia. Saving that story is saving Syria. Dr. Emma Cunliffe. Research Associate, Oxford University.

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The Aleppo ProjectThe Aleppo Weekly, April 12-17
Photo: Maher Al Mounes/AFP/Getty Images

Aleppo Weekly- March 21-28

by The Aleppo Project on March 28, 2016


Violence levels in Aleppo dropped dramatically, but sporadic gunfire continues. According to Halab News Network, a Citadel-based regime sniper fired “exploding bullets” on Old City districts.

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The Aleppo ProjectAleppo Weekly- March 21-28
Aleppo Public Park in government-held side of the city. Remains of a market in rebel-held old city of Aleppo. Photos: Lorenzo Tugnoli/The Washington Post.

Aleppo Weekly- March 17-21

by The Aleppo Project on March 21, 2016

A tale of two cities in Aleppo: Rubble on one side, packed restaurants on the other. Five years of conflict have torn Syria apart. And nowhere is that more stark than in its most populous city, Aleppo, where front lines carve through neighborhoods and slice it in two. Loveday Morris, The Washington Post

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The Aleppo ProjectAleppo Weekly- March 17-21
The Aleppo Citadel. Photo: Valery Sharifulin/Tass via Getty Images

Aleppo Weekly- March 7-16

by The Aleppo Project on March 17, 2016


Source: Aleppo General Management of Services

Photo: Aleppo General Management of Services

With electricity returning to many main electrical plants, residents reported that up to 140 district-level electricity posts were looted by pro-government militias in government-controlled western Aleppo.  Pro-government Zahraa News Network called on residents in western Aleppo not to pay newly announced electricity connection fees because the provincial director of electricity said his directorate would pay these costs.

Municipal water returned to several districts in western Aleppo, including Seif ad-Dauleh and New Aleppo. Water, which had been cut off for several months has still not reached Izaa, Sirian and Ashrafiyeh.

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The Aleppo ProjectAleppo Weekly- March 7-16
Aerial view over Seif ad-dauleh district showing Salaheddin and al-Hamdaniyeh Stadium in western Aleppo. Halab Today TV. March 2016.

Aleppo Weekly February 29-March 6

by The Aleppo Project on March 7, 2016
Source: Amnesty International

Amnesty International

“Syrian and Russian forces have been deliberately attacking health facilities in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law. But what is truly egregious is that wiping out hospitals appears to have become part of their military strategy.” Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International.

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The Aleppo ProjectAleppo Weekly February 29-March 6


by The Aleppo Project on March 3, 2016

A ceasefire deal in Syria based on the UN Security Council 2254 took effect on Saturday, February 27. Despite a significant decrease in the number of aerial attacks in Aleppo, violence continued.

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The Aleppo ProjectALEPPO WEEKLY FEBRUARY 22-28