Monther, first left, and Abdalrahman, first right, look up as colleague steers drone in Old Aleppo. [Moutaz Khattab]

Drones Over Aleppo

by The Aleppo Project on February 23, 2017

Shattuck Center Fellow AlHakam Shaar and former SPP Assistant Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick have written an article for Al Jazeera on how drone technology is being used in Syria.

The article looks at competing media uses of drones, while examining a particular grassroots initiative called Life in Aleppo.

“Drones are not only powerful tools that enable citizens to challenge official news reports, they also provide a completely different perspective on what is happening in Syria,” said Shaar. Choi-Fitzpatrick, who is writing a book about drones and other protest technologies, notes that what is happening in Syria is not new. “Activists around the world have used drones to gather information and monitor situations on the ground,” he said.

You can read the article here.

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