Credit: Humans of Aleppo Facebook post by Belal Sabsabi

Old Aleppo Underground

by The Aleppo Project on February 20, 2017

Recent photos of ruins found along Al-Mutanabbi Street (Talaat Al-Bnouk) unearth claims of an ancient underground city. The ruins are located to the west of Sabaa Baharat Square and north of Old Aleppo’s Decumanus connecting the Citadel to the Souq Al-Madina, as we marked on Wikimapia.[1] There is discussion as to whether these ruins date back to Hellenistic or Roman times, or whether they are simply the remains of what once were the lower levels of former buildings submerged under a paved road in the 1930s.



It is not uncommon to uncover remains of underground cities, with Krakow, Barcelona, and Kaymakli (among others in Cappadocia) as just a few examples. Director Khalid Masri features these photos and commentary on the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums of Aleppo Facebook page, calling on citizens to respect the preservation of such historical archaeological findings of Old Aleppo.


[1] Location also featured on the Aleppo Project Map.


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