Credit: Repost from Mummad Sle, Humans of Aleppo

Remnants of Al-Adiliyyah Mosque in Aleppo

by The Aleppo Project on February 17, 2017

Featured on Humans of Aleppo #HoAHistory, group member Muhammad Sle posts recent photos of Al-Adiliyyah Mosque along with historical facts. Built between 963 AH/1555 AD and 965 AH/1557 AD, according to disputing sources, Muhammed describes the mosque’s cylindrical minaret with the length of the side measured at 15.6 meters, built in the square-shaped Ottoman style. He notes the courtyard’s rectangular shape with two entrances, one facing east and one west, and a central basin of water for ablution.

Photos featured on the Syrian Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums document significant damage to the aesthetics of the mosque’s exterior and interior, including damage to the foundation structure near the minaret, destruction of the dome, and discoloration of the exteriors. Nevertheless, the central basin for ablution and much of the foundation of the prayer hall remain intact. While Al-Adiliyah is in need of extensive repairs, such renovation is critical to the preservation of this mosque of almost six centuries as part of the history of Ottoman architecture as well as that of Aleppo.

The Aleppo ProjectRemnants of Al-Adiliyyah Mosque in Aleppo