“For Aleppo”

by The Aleppo Project on January 6, 2016


This is a wonderful piece composed by Gábor Berkó, a young Hungarian composer, and performed by Budapest- based musicians on the day The Aleppo Project was officially launched. The artists did this work on a voluntary basis to demonstrate their solidarity with Syrians who live the brutal war in Syria on a daily basis. While the music video clearly shows the destruction and pain brought to Aleppo by the fighting, it also remembers the good days from the past and ends on a hopeful note.

However far Budapest seems from Aleppo and however bad Hungary’s image may appear nowadays in context of the Refugee Crisis, we should also remember that there are many warmhearted people here who think about and feel others’ suffering.

This music and video are dedicated to one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities – Aleppo.

The musicians playing at the School of Public Policy at Central European University were:

Anastasia Razvalyaeva – harp
Albert Márkos – cello
Tijana Stanković – violin
Zsuzsanna Tóth – flute
Zoltán Bordás – riq
Adam Hosman – Egyptian tabla

Recording credits:
Adam Hosman – Arabic percussion
Albert Márkos – cello
Anastasia Razvalyaeva – harp
Gábor Berkó – sampled parts
Zsuzsanna Tóth – flute

Composed by Gábor Berkó
Produced by Adam Hosman

The Aleppo Project“For Aleppo”

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